B-SANITIZED™ (Pack of 2- Assorted)

B-Sanitized™ is the simple one-step solution for environmental protection against viral, bacterial fungal and mould contaminants. 

The available scents Spring Mint and Natural will be sent by random.


Why B-Sanitized™? 

Easy to use - quick release fogger 

Effectively disinfect all surfaces, allowing the entire area to be fully disinfected and germ free EPA registered 


Set includes: 

2 x B-Sanitized cans 


More information below. 

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Efficacy Kill List: 

- Athletes Foot (Trichphyton mentagrophytes) 

- Bactericidal Pseudomonical 

- Broad Bacterial Spectrum 

- E-Coli 

- Feline calcivirus 

- Fungicidal Virucidal 

- H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu) 

- H1N1 Type A2 Virus 

- HIV-1(Aids Virus) 

- Hepatitis B & C 

- Herpes Simplex Type II Viruses 

- nfluenza 

- Influenza A2/Hong Kong 

- Mildew 

- Mold 


- Mycobacterium Tuberculosis var,bovis 

- Norvovirus 

- Pathogenic Fungi 

- Salmonella (Varied) 

- Salmonella cholerasuis 

- Staphylococcus Aureus 

- Staphylocidal Tuberculocidal

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1. Is it EPA Certified?

Yes. It carries two EPA certifications. The first is for the disinfectant contained within the aerosol for its ability to kill viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungus. The second is that it is certified as an effective fogging device.

2. Is it effective against TGEV-Coronavirus?

Yes, it is.

3. How do I use it?

The trigger on the aerosol has two settings. By fully depressing the trigger it locks down allowing the canister to fully dispense and be utilized to fully fog/fumigate all exposed surfaces in the chosen room or area.  By only half depressing the trigger B-Sanitized can be spray on phones, handsets

4. How long does it take?

The product will dispense fully in about 2 or 3 minutes. On contact B-Sanitized will sanitize surfaces within 5 to 10 minutes.  However we strongly recommend the room is left for up to two hours. This allows all the fine mist droplets of B-Sanitized to dissipate and fall to the ground where they can no longer be inhaled.

If there is any remaining mist in the room, open windows and doors to allow it to ventilate.

5. Does it keep working after I sprayed?

B-Sanitized is designed to remove any germs already present, however it also leaves a fine residual antimicrobial coating which will last a few days.

6. What size area can I use it in?

The maximum size would be 6000 cubic feet, which is a room with a 10ft high ceiling being 20ft by 30ft.  This would be a room with uninterrupted space. Two rooms next door to each other with an opened partitioned door would be classified as two areas.

7. Can it be inhaled?

No. Like all chemical products caution should be taken not to inhale see canister for details and kept free from naked flames. Rooms should be cleared of any residual mist before being reused after treatment.