Eco-ON Refills (Bundle of 4)

Eco-ON is an odour neutralizer which eliminates odour by not masking them. It leaves a faint lingering scent & improves the air quality in areas used. The Eco-ON dispenser will automatically dispense based on the different set frequencies.


Our seasonal selection of scents:

Citrus Lavender - A delightful, complementary blend of two popular fragrances; citrus and lavender. The initial experience is that of citrus, which gradually gives way to the lavender notes.

Eucalyptus - Great for clearing airways, has antiseptic properties! 

Lavender -  A traditional fragrance that never ceases to be popular. Made with the natural essential oils from the Lavender plant, this is a timeless fragrance. 

Tarifa - The smell of clean linen


Set includes:

4 x Eco-On Refills


More information below.

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Types of button operation settings:

  • Low Normal
  • Normal
  • High


You can either mount the dispenser on a wall or it comes with a stand for free-standing.

It also comes with a one-year warranty.

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