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I notice a significant improvement with the mosquitoes issues I have at home. The Eco-Py Insect Killer main ingredient Pyrethrin is a natural extract from the chrysanthemum flower and it is safe to use around humans. Perfect for families like mine where we have kids at home! It acts as a natural deterrent and when used, creates a protective barrier against these insects.Pyrethrins act on the nervous systems of insects. Initially hyper-stimulating the nerves, then later blocking nerve synapses leading to death. Insects affected by pyrethrins, tend to fly in a crazed manner towards light. It’s called the phototropic effect. Unlike normal insecticides where you see insects dying immediately after you spray at them (can you imagine the effect it has on human too?), insects will stay away from where the Eco-PY is used. Eco-Py automatic dispensers will provide you consistent 24 hour round-the-clock protection (use on high or medium setting to keep it going at night). Click here to read more: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bc9YU_jlZzo/?igshid=glzar4tsf4i9

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